Tired Of High Textbook Prices?

book buyback

Sadly, we don’t have anything this cool. We’re stuck with the same crap our parents had, just at an extremely high price. The good news is there are alternatives to somewhat stop the bleeding. My biggest tip is to NEVER and I mean NEVER buy books from your school book store unless you absolutely have to.

Every time I go I feel like I’m walking into an episodeĀ of Pawn Stars.
Trust me when I say you want to stay away from those guys. Instead, buy your books from Amazon. Not only is it a lot cheaper, but its simple too! All you need to do is copy the IBN number from the book you need, paste it in the search bar, and the rest is a cakewalk. And if you thought things couldn’t get better.. its free shipping if you have Amazon Prime. You need your money for fun things, don’t let the bookstores take advantage of you!

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